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Ingredient Commitment


At Niki's Naturals we are dedicated to bringing you all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. We want our customers to know that the products they are getting for themselves and their families are healthy, pure, and safe. The ingredients are always listed on the back or bottom of all products and you may contact Niki herself at anytime with questions or concerns. Also, not only our the products organic and natural but most of the herbs used in every product you see are homegrown and dried in house providing an extra layer of "made local" to your purchase. Whenever these herbs cannot be grown in house they are obtained from sustainable organic companies.

Need to Knows
  • Limited Quantities of Each Product Listed

  • Product may vary from batch to batch

  • Scents and Herbs are subject to change

  • Limited Tie Dye colors available at any given time

  • Only accepting Paypal, Cash, and Check at this time

  • Make Checks payable to Niki's Naturals

Meet Niki


Hi, I'm Niki. I am a small business owner who resides in Lancaster OH. I also spend parts of my day as an early childhood teacher and the other parts of my day hanging out with and cuddling my son, Finn. I enjoy creating, yoga, hiking and camping, running and cooking (when I'm not chasing Finn around) 

I've always had a passion for nature, connecting with the Earth, and healthy living.  In this passion I found myself interested in gardening and herbs. I really got into herbal products when looking for natural and safe alternatives and additions to store bought products I use for my family. This combined with my need and love for creating things made this small business the perfect creative outlet and let me learn entrepreneurial skills and make some extra income as well. It has been such fun and I hope these products bring you joy just as they do me. 

About Us 


Niki's Naturals is a home based company out of Lancaster OH. We specialize is herbal body care, bath, and skin products along with herbal tea and medicinal offerings as well. Most of our herbs are homegrown and dried in house. We also offer naturally dyed Tie Dye items to brighten up any wardrobe. 

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